Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Teaser Tuesday

I am never around to do Teaser Tuesday, so I thought I'd do one today while I'm here.
It is from White Noise by Don DeLillo the end of the sixth chapter.
"All plots tend to move deathward. This is the nature of plots. Political plots, terrorist plots, lovers' plots, narrative plots, plots that are part of children's games. We edge nearer death every time we plot. It is like a contract that all must sign, the plotters as well as those who are the targets of the plot."
Is this true? Why did I say it? What does it mean?

I'm only 70 odd pages in, but it's very intriguing. It's the first book I'm tackling from my summer reading list. I'll post a review when I'm finished. This novel has been recommended to me by several people and according to his address at the media conference in March, Terry Moran was a fan of DeLillo's back in the 80s. I'm not sure if he still is, he didn't say.
My friend Lynn over at Books, Ink, and Yarn is admirer of the book as well.

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  1. The book with no plot is obsessed with plots. White Noise was my favorite read this year.