Thursday, September 30, 2010

We Interrupt Banned Books Week to Bring You:

The Ironic Virus.
Ah, I was so determined not to get sick this fall. The fact that I always do did not deter me from this goal. I've been taking Zinc and Bee Pollen, drinking carrot juice, but none the less here I am. Lying in bed with a throbbing head and achy body.
I have missed three classes (well am about to miss my third)so far. I have so much work I could be doing, but my brain can only focus in very short bursts.
I have bouts of low blood pressure- so last night when I started feeling weak with a head ache and slight dizziness, I assumed that my blood pressure had taken a dip. This is controllable with vast amounts of water and elevating my feet, which I did. Likely, my lack of proper nutrition (the only fruit in the fridge is apple sauce currently) and lack of proper sleep spurred this on, but later, the chills and hot flush to my face implied more than just low blood pressure (though the sickness likely accelorated that as well).
After a terribly uncomfortable night I awoke around 4 am covered in a cold sweat- the fever had broken, but I still feel dreadful. Since it is recommended not to mix in company with others within 24 hours of having a fever and since I would have to make an arduous half hour drive down one of the busiest highways in the country, I chose not to go to school today. Now it feels like my fever may be coming back and of course this poorly stocked Bachelor's Pad I'm currently residing in doesn't have any pain killers/fever reducers within their expiration date.
There is also nothing really for me to eat so I'm living off tea and apple sauce. Ah, wait, there are also crackers. Hooray- if I don't have time to do the shopping it doesn't really get done unfortunately.

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