Friday, June 18, 2010

Alter Egos and Doctor Who

I have one. I also apparently have a doppleganger that lives in New Jersey, but I digress.
If you are curious about my other hobbies and what I do when I'm not being a Book Eater, check out this blog.

A quick mention about DW, the two-part season finale starts this Saturday (unless you're watching it on the US schedule, then you have 2 more weeks to wait), it looks really good. Leaked photos show that young Amelia Pond and Rory will both appear in the episode and the trailer indicates that we will see a hoard of the Doctor's old enemies return including the Daleks, Silurians, Cybermen, etc. I'm excited.
Speaking of Doctor Who villains, I was driving around the outskirts of town last night and as I turned onto a back road, I saw a weeping angel statue in someone's yard. What a nerd I am, I slowed down and creeped myself out watching it. Possibly creeped out the people that live there too.

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