Sunday, October 21, 2012

Things are looking up...

Perhaps. I've just put in some applications, though of course I don't know if I'll get anything from them, but the act of putting them in gives me a sense of accomplishment and control. I hope to get some sort of response (from at least one of them) soon
I also won a drawing I entered months ago on the PBS website. I won series one and two of Sherlock on DVD. That certainly cheered me. I barely even remember entering-- another example of me not expecting to much, but actually getting something.
At the literary society event tonight I dressed as Jane Austen and served tea. That was fun. My kooky friend Jess dressed as Henry David Thoreau. Somehow our interactions during the evening led us to the decision to tag-team a NaNoWriMo about the two of them. Not sure how that's going to turn out.
I've nearly finished this round of edits on my mystery novel and I'm taking a break from it while figuring out how to attempt getting it published. I have some very specific ideas about what I want from all the research I've done, of course I'm still looking for some guidance from those who have been there before. Right now I'm focusing on shorter pieces for my multi-genre writing workshop. I had a great batch of drafting last night.
And I've been listening to a lot of Seawolf. Maudlin music always has a cheering effect on me.

So thanks for bearing with me through all the crazy.
And I'm going to Italy in the spring. If that's not a sign of things looking up, I'm not sure what is.


  1. So cool about winning the drawing! Congrats on the Sherlock DVDs. You haven't posted lately; are you okay, Hurricane Sandy-wise? (I was without power for nearly 5 days, only got it back about 12 hours ago.) And where in Italy are you going? that sounds great.

  2. We weren't without power too long fortunately.
    The last two weeks have just been incredibly busy. Right before Sandy I was sick, right after Sandy I had to open a play!
    We're doing a tour starting in Rome, then heading to Florence and Tuscany. I'm very excited!