Saturday, February 25, 2012

Laurence Fox Appreciation Post

When I first saw him in Becoming Jane I thought he was sweet, but awkward. I may have even referred to him as "Lurch." However, he's been winning me over with his performance in Lewis. I was watching an episode from last season this afternoon and I realized that he had officially won me over. I was enamoured.
Maybe it's because Detective Sergeant Hathaway loves his Gibson guitar so much and looks so sexy when he's having a furtive cigarette (even though I hate smoking). Somehow the long limbs, the skinny tie, the new flippy hairdo all suit him. The quiet, intellectual types always get me of course.

I think Fox is a great actor and I am definitely a Hathaway lover. Update: I just found this video of him singing and playing the guitar. Swoon.


  1. My sentiments exactly - bewildered by how sexy he makes a disgusting cigarette look! Thanks for the song, I needed another reason to like him :)

  2. I know. The song just came out last month, so might we expect an album soon? (Pretty please).

  3. Thanks for sharing! a writer gal just has to adore the quite + intellectual type :-)