Friday, July 15, 2011

The Case of the Sneaky Computer

Guys, my computer has been doing things behind my back at 3 am.
Yesterday I logged on and found that my "updates were complete" and "malicious software" was removed... and now I can't use Internet Explorer. So it removed my LAN thing (sorry to be so technical) and now I have to log onto the internet through my old AOL software I haven't used in three years. However, this has led me to discover that I have 600+ emails in my old AOL account and that spammers are using email addresses from my address book to send things to me.
That is unbelievably cruel. I see an email in my box from someone I haven't spoken to in a year. I think maybe he wants to reconnect and I get an elated feeling in my collarbone. Then I find out it's spam.
I'm only in this situation because my computer's default setting is apparently to do updates at 3 in the morning without permission. I looked up my update history and have found that this has been going on every two since I purchased the computer.
I know the days of this laptop are numbered, but I was hoping it would last through the fall semester. Actually, my fervent prayer was that it would last until I completed my degree, but that is two years away and my computer seems to be having seizures.
I hate technology.


  1. Sorry to hear about your laptop. I think automatic updates are pretty standard, but an update removing your LAN? I've never heard of such a thing. :-/

    Anyway, just stopping by to see how you are doing. I can totally empathize re: the hardships of freelancing, and especially the lack of responses from editors (it happens even when you've achieved a fairly high level of professional success, unfortunately). Good luck with all of that.

    Any chance of you stopping by the RH board if you have time? Ever miss the RH fandom or the show? :-) Oh, and did you see the photo of Richard Armitage as Thorin in The Hobbit?

  2. I've been keeping very busy, indeed!
    Perhaps it's because I haven't watched it in so long, but my love for the show has decreased, though sometimes I do miss the friends from the boards.
    I have not seen the pictures yet, but he is always a visual delight, thanks for the heads up!

  3. Well, maybe you should rewatch...? ;-) I know, I know, so much good stuff, so little time...

    By the way, did you catch Downton Abbey? Joanna Froggatt was in it and I really liked her and her character. (Much more than Kate, lol.)

    Oh, here's Richard as Thorin. There's also a cool video (Peter Jackson's video blog basically) here ... or just the Richard Armitage parts if you want.

  4. Yes, I loved Downton! Joanna was excellent in it, she is a perfect example of a great actress who was unfortunately miscast in RH.
    Thanks for the links, I'll check it out.