Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I'm Free At Last

Though I still have one final paper to surrender on Friday, I am officially free from classes until the end of August! So here's what I vow for the summer:
I will post book and film reviews, writing updates, Doctor Who speculation, and (hopefully) humorous anecdotes on a more regular basis.
I will do some creative writing every day.
The freelance writing will come to fruition and I will update you lovely people when it does.
Travel. I must. Just a little.
Reading books I have chosen which I will update you with through aforementioned reviews.
I will spend ample amounts of time outside.
I will go mad in a good way.
Though the amount of coffee I consume will be considerable, I will eat healthy to balance it out.
I will actually get to go fishing this summer.
I will get up the courage to start looking into literary agents.

This is going to be a more spontaneous summer. I don't have a reading list or an hourly job. I have some tentative travel plans and the style sheets for several periodicals. Most of my income will be from writing and selling soap at farmers' markets and on Etsy. So it will be low. But this leaves me with time. Time to write and work on finding my voice. Time to have the adventures I'm always talking about having. I'm getting too old to have many opportunities for such madness left. Before I have to settle into respectable responsibility (as settled as I'll get anyway) I'd like to be distinctly unsettled.
Maybe I'll find a literary agent. Maybe I'll finish another novel. Maybe I'll fall in love with a stranger. Maybe I'll get a tan (biologically nearly impossible). Maybe I won't be so devastated when my best friend moves away in the fall as she's planning.


  1. What farmers markets will you be visiting? I'll be moving to Allentown this summer, and your soap sounds wonderful.

  2. Thanks!
    There's one at the beautiful Linden Hill Gardens I'm trying to get into, that may be far for you. Saucon Valley and Qtown are also possibilities.
    I'll keep you posted. My Etsy page is at morningvalleysoaps.etsy.com

  3. Definitely let me know - I love the Holmes and Watson soaps. I'm taking a class on Holmes starting next week, I'm insanely excited :)

  4. Have a great summer! Sorry about your friend moving away. :-/

  5. Thanks LadyKate. Of course I selfishly want her to stay, but she so longs to go, so I must try to be happy for her.