Monday, April 18, 2011

I've been... Inducted

This weekend I was inducted into Sigma Tau Delta, the International English Honor Society. Basically, I promise to uphold the ideals of "Sincerity, Truth, Design" and do my best to support and further writing and literature.
I got some fancy red and black cords I can wear at graduation, a pin, and a certificate. I can also now publish in Sigma Tau Delta's two journals: The Rectangle and The Review. The Rectangle is for creative writing, The Review is for scholarly pieces, essays and the like.
It's sort of exciting to be recognized and be among the group on campus. Of course, it's not like a sorority or anything, though that would probably be excellent. We could have a permanent literary salon where we sip caffeinated beverages and share our latest masterpieces in the rough. Oh the metaphysical debates... but alas, there's no Greek housing on our campus anyway. Only six new members pledged this year,and some of the officers are graduating, so it's a rather small group.
I hate to be immodest, but it feels nice to be among the "chosen few." There are many benefits to joining and I look forward to taking advantage of them.


  1. Just stopping by for a hello ... and congratulations! :)

    So, shall we be seeing you back on the RH board anytime soon? ;-)

  2. Thanks!
    I have no idea if and when I'll be able to get back into the message board scene. Summer's coming up, but I'll be working (hopefully steadily) at freelancing and traveling a bit.

  3. Good luck with that! do stop by a bit if you have the time. Are you still interested in co-writing a virtual season if we do one?

  4. I don't know. I have so many writing projects going on right now.