Monday, March 7, 2011

I got a Tumblr...

I wasn't going to do it. I saw no point. Then, I realized that many of my friends that are graduating and dispersing around the country have Tumblrs and that it may be a good way to keep in touch. I don't have a Facebook (I know- *gasp*), I like to refer to myself as being apart of the 'resistance.' So Tumblr seemed like a good compromise.
Here is mine, if you are so inclined, I call it "What a waste of time" because, it is.
I am on Spring Break this week! I have to catch up with reading, make sure I have my lines memorized for the Tennessee Williams play I'm in the week I come back, fill orders for my Etsy shop, spring clean, and try to do something fun for me.


  1. I was on facebook, with all of its constant non-communications with dozens of friends and relatives. I started to realize it wasn't any less comfortable than interacting with them directly, so about a year an a half ago I left, and have not been back.


  2. Oh, I will. Tumblr was my big compromise. Facebook owns everything you post and when you get into the fine print, it's very unsettling and not worth it.

  3. Part of your fun should include visiting me. <3