Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Gearing Up for the Conference

My first scholarly conference is this weekend. The first I'll be presenting at, but also the first I'll be attending. I'm still doing some last minute revisions on my paper-- it actually makes me worry that I'm fiddling too much or will mess something up, we're getting very close to the end now.
I realized that I didn't know how I should refer to citations within my paper, so I had to consult one of my professors yesterday. The last thing I want is to sound like a total moron. I don't want everyone to know this is my first conference. I think the citation question has been resolved, but I'm still nervous. I've been practicing how I'll respond to questions about my paper that I don't know the answer to or questions that are antagonistic: "Thank you, I hadn't considered that." I think this is a safe fall back.
The panel makes me most nervous. There could be some tough questions.
I'll report back this weekend if I survive.


  1. Hey, just wanted to stop by and say hi (haven't seen you on the RH board in quite a while!) and saw this. Best of luck with the paper, I'm sure you'll do fine! What's it on?

    I won't be nudging you stop by the board now since you've obviously got your hands full, but maybe after the weekend? :-) (Assuming you survive.)

    And if you do have a minute and want a good laugh, check out Caption Contest #20. :D

  2. I did give a glance to the contest, those are very funny.
    I've been taking a break from all online boards, my academic things have been stealing away all of my time. I'm also in two theatre productions at the moment, one of which is entering tech this week. Gah.
    It might take a while, but I'll be back when things quiet down and I can start doing some re-watching.